Keep Track of Your Internet

I built Updoots, because I love what is on the internet. I wanted a place to keep track of all those favorite and funny internet URL's.

Favorite Folders

Save the Url for Later

Place the Url in a folder of your choice. Folders will be organized with all the favorites you have saved.

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Favorite Cards

Within your Favorite Folders are Favorite Cards. These cards are all the data from the URL you have saved. Simply click on any card and it will take you to that website.

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Quickly Save URL's

Chrome Extension for saving website faster, and easier!

I am also actively developing a chrome extension, to make adding url's easier while you browse the internet.

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Live Demo

See how it works

Just enter in a website url into the input below, and it will show you some of the magic. (Where it says Elliot)



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Keep Track of your Internet
Let Updoots save your favorite websites, in an organized fashion decided by you.

Organize all your favorite internet links in an easy to use website.

See Others Favorites

Check out the main feed or customize your own feed by following others folders. (On our Roadmap)

Why Not

Be an Anchor to the community.

Early Beta

Updoots is in early BETA so she may appear a bit rough. However, she is very capable. Check out the Development Log to see the most recent features added.